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Pediatric Eye Care

Stop searching for "Pediatric Eye Care Near Me". Bay Family Eye Care in Elkridge, MD offers child-focused services that ensure your child’s eyes develop normally.

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Pediatric Eye Care | Children's Eye Doctor - Baltimore, MD

While we tend to associate vision issues with aging, adults aren't the only ones who need regular eye care. Some vision issues are more likely to present in childhood than adulthood. Additionally, children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems can face major barriers early in life that affect them academically, socially and athletically. But quality eye care can help children overcome the obstacles related to poor vision, allowing them to grow and thrive.

At Bay Family Eye Care, we want to help every child reach their full potential and see the world as clearly as possible. Pediatric eye care is something our team is passionate about - so schedule an appointment online or call (410) 796-4555 today to set up a visit for your youngest family members!


FAQs on Pediatric Eye Care:

What are the Risk Factors that Influence a Child’s Vision?

Both genetic and environmental factors play a role in the development of vision disorders.

  • A family history of certain conditions, such as strabismus or myopia, increases the chances of a child developing that vision disorder. 
  • Some neurodevelopmental disorders (including Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, hearing impairment and speech delay) also are associated with higher rates of vision problems.
  • Children of women who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy have higher rates of strabismus, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

What is the Best Way to Ensure My Child Gets the Care They Need?

The best way to guarantee that your child’s vision is properly monitored is by scheduling regular eye exams for them with an eye care professional, starting at least prior to their beginning public school. It’s important that parents do not rely on any eye tests offered as part of a child’s school year. These basic eye tests do not include a comprehensive eye exam, and cannot provide a deep look into the workings of a child’s eyes. Additionally, school tests cannot offer an up-to-date eyeglasses prescription should a child need one.

How Often Should a Child Visit an Eye Doctor?

When children are very young, they may initially only need a basic look-over at their pediatrician. That said, all parents should adhere to the following speciality pediatric eye exam recommendations: 

  • From birth to the age of two, children should have an exam at 6 to 12 months of age (or more frequently if recommended).
  • Children aged 3 to 5 years old should visit their eye doctor at least once, ideally at the age of 3 (or more frequently if recommended).
  • Children ages 6 to 18 should have an eye exam before starting first grade and annual (or more frequently if recommended).

Doctors may recommend more frequent visits if there is a family history of certain eye conditions. More frequent exams may also be needed if there are risk factors found at birth or during a standard exam that put a child at a higher risk of experiencing abnormal vision. Working with your eye doctor will ensure that your child has an exam however often is needed for their individual health and care.

What Can I Do to Help Care for my Children’s Eyes?

Many eye issues that develop in childhood tend to do so for reasons beyond a parent’s control (though some behaviors during pregnancy have been linked to vision disorders, including smoking). However, parents can and should monitor for signs of vision issues between annual appointments, since a child’s vision can change at any time. The following are signs that it’s time to visit a specialty eye doctor:

  • Poor school performance 
  • Not wanting to go to school 
  • Difficulty paying attention 
  • Difficulty when reading and writing 
  • Trouble seeing information in the classroom 
  • Blurry or double vision 
  • Headaches or eye pain 
  • Taking longer than normal to complete homework

Whether you have additional questions about your child’s development, or you’re ready to schedule their first exam, Our Bay Family Eye Care team is ready to meet you rfamily. Our pediatric services will ensure that your child is able to see life clearly and thrive as a result. Don’t put off this part of your child’s development checklist; schedule an appointment online or call (410) 796-4555 today to set up your visit!