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Buying Glasses Online

Thinking about buying glasses online? There are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase. Read this helpful guide for reference!

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Finding the Right Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Think about Measurements

Although many people have become used to purchasing products online, eyeglasses are one product that consumers should be cautious in purchasing on the web. There are several different designs and materials available for both frames and lenses. An experienced optician is able to walk you through the process of choosing the proper materials and treatments for your prescription, if you are left to choose on your own, the experience can seem overwhelming.

In addition, an optician is trained to take certain measurements that are crucial in ensuring that you see well through your glasses. The optical center of your lenses is the portion of the lens that gives you the truest and clearest vision. The optical center of the lens should be directly in front of your pupils. In order to determine where to place the optical center of the lens in your frame, the lab needs to know the distance between your pupils or commonly known as the PD. It can be quite difficult to measure your own PD and it has been found that most people are off by an average of 7.8 mm. If the optical center of your lenses is incorrect, one can experience symptoms including:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Double Vision
  • Headache
  • Eye Strain

Think About Fit and Adjustments

The way that frames fit your face, head, and ears is another important issue. Frames that are too large can be uncomfortable, slip down your nose, and cause headaches if you are not looking through the optical center. If the glasses are too small they will be very uncomfortable, pinch the sides of your head, and even leave marks on your temples. They may also cause pressure behind your ears and on your nose. It's also important to think about the weight of your lenses. An experienced optician is able to educate you on whether or not the frame that you like will work for your prescription and be comfortable once the lenses are inserted.

Another issue to consider is adjustments to your frames. Once you receive your new glasses from an online company, who is going to adjust them to fit your face? It's important that eye glasses sit properly on your face, that they are straight, comfortable, don't slip when you look down, and don't apply pressure behind your ears. Purchasing your glasses from Bay Family Eye Care ensures that we will perform any necessary adjustments for the life of your glasses. We will gladly adjust your new glasses for you but, if they break we are not responsible and cannot reimburse you for the cost of the glasses.

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