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What Sets Us Apart

Our team is committed to offering a range of speciality services aimed at prevention and care of complex eye issues. Call or visit our website to book an appointment online!

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Our Frame and Lens Warranties

We offer a 1 year warranty with all eyeglasses purchases.  Sometimes we run a special promotion to provide glasses for our patients at a lower cost.  When this happens they typically are not covered under a warranty but, a warranty is always available for purchase if it is excluded from a sale.  Ask an optician for details.

In addition, we offer FREE adjustments for 1 year from the purchase date. After it has been 1 year the glasses become out of warranty and the patient can purchase a service contract for $39 to be able to have them adjusted for an additional year.  If the glasses are not purchased from Bay Family Eye Care or are over 1 year old, meaning that they are out of warranty we are not responsible if the glasses break or are damaged. We are not able to reimburse you the cost of the glasses either.  Periodic adjustments are recommended to keep your glasses comfortable and working properly.  We also offer free lens cleaner refills to our patients.  Just bring in our empty bottle and we will refill your bottle for free for the life of the bottle.  Lastly, we guarantee progressive no-line bifocal success and will gladly remake your glasses one time for you at no charge if you are unable to adapt to them. However, this does remove your 1 year warranty on the lenses. Your frame will continue to be under warranty during this circumstance.

Our Promise to Our Patients

The health and visual needs of each patient will always be our first priority.  We will strive to provide the highest quality and most thorough eye care to our patients.  We will help our patients buy smarter, provide exceptional service, and get the most out of their insurance benefits.  Our goal is to be the best and to strive for excellence in eye care for your whole family.  We will work to be impressive in everything we do every day.

Our Technical Expertise

We are one of the most technologically advanced optometry practices in the Baltimore region.  Our instruments allow us to view structures within the eye and detect any changes or symptoms of disease as soon as possible.  Our staff members are highly skilled and well trained.  We keep up on the most current technology and attend continuing education classes on a regular basis to ensure that you receive the very best and most advanced care possible.

Patient Education

You will find that patient education is something that we value greatly.  We take the time to explain each and every test that we perform with you and why we are doing it.  Our exam is thorough and we do not hurry, treat you like a number, or overbook.  The doctors and staff will always have time to discuss all of our findings and to answer all of your questions.  We take the time to explain your case to you so that you have the knowledge necessary to take care of yourself.  Sometimes patients can take longer than others depending on if they have any ocular issues.  Please keep in mind the doctor goes as fast as they can but, if something comes up during the exam they will need to take a little longer than the 15 minute comprehensive eye exam.

We are a Vision Source® Office

Vision Source is a very selective and elite top-quality national private practice healthcare provider organization.  We are very proud of our affiliation with Vision Source.  It means that we have met very rigorous standards to be eligible for membership.  It also means that we understand quality and budgets. It means that we know that it is necessary for you to receive and for us to provide the very best health care and value for what you spend.

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